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Comprehensive Primary Care Plus (CPC+)

The physicians and staff at McMinnville Internal Medicine are part of a five year Medicare Demonstration Project that focuses on evidence based medicine. As a CPC+ practice, McMinnville Internal Medicine is responsible for meeting clinical benchmarks demonstrating that the care that we provide to individuals with certain diseases meets or exceeds national standards.

Clinical benchmarks for which we are responsible include:

  • Coordinated specialty care for diabetics and for patients with heart disease,
  • Cancer screenings for preventative care, and
  • Interventions to identify and treat patients with depression and alcohol and drug addiction.

Each quarter, the physicians and staff choose a quality improvement project in which we look for ways to improve performance around our clinical outcomes. In the past, these projects have included:

  • Increasing the number of diabetics who receive diabetic eye exams,
  • Increasing the number of colon cancer screenings, and
  • Increasing the number of cervical cancer screenings.

Focus on these metrics allows us to direct more people to treatment that improves health and saves lives. Learn more about the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus Model by visiting the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services website.