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The team at Willamette Valley Anesthesiologists provide or participate in administering nearly all anesthetics given in the operating room and during diagnostic procedures of WVMC. Our anesthesiologists will carefully match the anesthetic needs of each patient to their condition and treatment. The following are examples of how and where anesthesiologists practice within our facilities.

During critical care, trauma, and emergencies:

The role of the anesthesiologist during critical, traumatic and emergency situations include aiding in medical assessment and diagnosis, respiratory and cardiovascular support, and infection control. They are actively involved in stabilizing and preparing patients when a situation requires emergency surgery.

Services may include:

  • pain control
  • airway management
  • cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation
  • advanced life support

In the recovery room:

While safety is the top concern of our anesthesiologists for our patients during surgery, after surgery their top concern is that the patients be monitored until fully conscious. After surgery, patients are transferred to the recovery room allowing time to fully emerge from the effects of anesthetic under the care of our CRNAs. Our anesthesiologists are always on standby, should an immediate need arise.

During pain management:

Aside from relieving or blocking pain during a surgical procedure, it is equally important to our anesthesiologists to provide sufficient postoperative pain relief for our patient’s comfort and well-being. Post-surgery, our anesthesiologists are involved in prescribing pain-relieving medications and techniques. They also assist in administering pain management for patients suffering from chronic, painful conditions.

During diagnostic procedures:

Outside of surgical procedures, our anesthesiologists administer anesthesia during diagnostic procedures given for gastroenterology purposes, MRI scans, CT scans and PET scans.

During childbirth:

In childbirth, our anesthesiologists manage the care of both mother and child. During delivery – whether vaginally or by C-section – anesthesiologists provide pain relief with either epidural or spinal blocks for the mother while closely monitoring the life functions of both the mother and the baby.